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Targeting Templates within Gutenberg Editor

As a theme author, you may find yourself frustrated trying to get the WordPress “Gutenberg” editor to style itself to match your template’s actual appearance. I wrote a small chunk of Javascript (included below) which watches the template selection dropdown… Continue Reading →


Ferrycams was designed and built for my friends at Whidbey Telecom (who provide those of us out here on Whidbey with phone, internet and other essential services). Travel back to civilization for islanders involves catching a ferry. There are cameras at the various terminals, and everyone who has to sail wants answers to all of “the Ws”: When, Where, What, and, if things are jammed up, Why?

Chasing Other’s Errors

It’s one of the more frustrating “rabbit holes” a developer can fall down: chasing errors in software your project is using, that you didn’t write yourself, but which is both required and affecting an outcome in your own code. I’m… Continue Reading →

Site Launch

Welcome to Roger Los, Inc. as I re-launch the site in WordPress.

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