I’m Roger Los, I live and work from my home on Whidbey Island, near Everett, Washington.

Everyone’s a designer; not everyone’s good at it.

Saul Bass

The same is true for building web sites: It’s easy to grab a theme and start adding content, and that’s not the market I’m in. What I am here to help with is your needs which cannot be met off-the-shelf–whether it’s just integrating your organization’s identity into your website or providing you integrated tools to accomplish complex tasks or meet specific requirements.

I’ve been developing web sites for a long time now, almost as long as there has been a “World Wide Web”. I got my start working on Microsoft’s CD-ROM projects, which then turned into an effort to turn content from the proprietary MSN network into web content.

I can help you with projects large and small, though I specialize in highly customized WordPress plugins and themes that help you solve specific challenges. Need for your WordPress public-site to talk to your legacy API? I can help. Want to authorize users against a corporate oAuth provider? I can help. Want to use an existing plugin in a way which it doesn’t currently work? I can (probably!) help.

I can work with your designer, or help you with that as well, since my background is in graphic design.

I’m very good at spotting potential issues early in the development process, especially with what I would call “social” issues–how are problem users dealt with? Do your users have the tools they need to feel valuable and safe?

I’m a big believer in ensuring my code does not contain any elements which are “hard-coded”…if there’s a text string, it’s going to need to be changed at some point. If there’s a color or image, the same holds true. I always provide an interface to allow you to change those things as you need to.

If you have questions or a potential project, please do get in touch. Thanks for visiting!